Logs Edit


Bootlog for USB firmware upgrade

Images Edit

20150803 160813
20150803 160832
20150803 161125

Memory MAP Edit

[MAPI_MEMINFO] 1 MIU: System Memory Usage
[MAPI_MEMINFO] ============================ START         END           SIZE
[MAPI_MEMINFO] POOL_START                   0x00000000    0x01200000    0x01200000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] Cached Pool Start            0x01200000    0x01800000    0x00600000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] NONCACHED_POOL_START         0x01800000    0x0432c800    0x02b2c800
[MAPI_MEMINFO] Memory Layout:
[MAPI_MEMINFO] ============================ START         END           SIZE
[MAPI_MEMINFO] SECTION_BUF_ADDR             0x0432c800    0x0442c800    0x00100000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] JPD_READBUFF_ADR             0x0442c800    0x04ea1000    0x00a74800
[MAPI_MEMINFO] SDRAMADDR_FONT               0x04ea1000    0x04fa1000    0x00100000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] SDRAMADDR_BMP                0x04fa1000    0x04fa1000    0x00000000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] XC_MENULOAD_BUFFER_ADR       0x04fa1000    0x04fa5000    0x00004000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] TSP_FW_BUF                   0x04fa5000    0x04fa9000    0x00004000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] TSP_VQ_BUF                   0x04fa9000    0x04faa000    0x00001000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] GOP_DMAMEM_START             0x04faa000    0x04fab000    0x00001000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] GOP_GWIN                     0x04fab000    0x057db000    0x00830000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] PM51_LITE_LEN                0x057db000    0x057f0000    0x00015000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] PM51_LOADER_ADR              0x057f0000    0x057fa000    0x0000a000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] PM51_VAR_MEM_ADR             0x057fa000    0x057fa400    0x00000400
[MAPI_MEMINFO] PM51_MEM_SR_ADDR             0x057fb000    0x057fb400    0x00000400
[MAPI_MEMINFO] PM51_MEM_ADR                 0x057ff000    0x057ff400    0x00000400
[MAPI_MEMINFO] VE_MEM_START                 0x05800000    0x05a00000    0x00200000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] VDEC_MEM_START               0x05a00000    0x07a00000    0x02000000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] MAD_SE_START                 0x07a00000    0x07b00000    0x00100000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] MAD_DEC_START                0x07b00000    0x07d00000    0x00200000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] XC_MEM_START                 0x07d00000    0x08000000    0x00300000
[MAPI_MEMINFO] pFirstAvailableMemory        0x8053c1e0

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