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General info Edit

DVB-T/T2 terrestrial receiver by German company Xoro. Features include Teletext, PVR, and two "Apps". There are three variants, all require different firmware. The following applies to v3.

Board is marked STB-DECODER-75. On the board can be found:

  • Demodulator: MSB1241 A7MN907ZA 16275 (by MStar, no public datasheet)
  • Tuner: Rafael R836 (according to Firmware, chip covered by RF shield)
  • SoC: (covered by Heatsink)
  • Flash Memory: Winbond 25Q32FVSIG 1626, 32 Mbit serial
  • Ethernet transformer decoupling: BT16B03
  • LED and keyboard control: WCH CH455G

Downloads Edit

Firmware can be downloaded from here.